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Bachelors Essay

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)




A new period in German Literature arose about l880. This new form of literature replaced the old conser­vative form of Goethe and Schiller. This new period in German Literature has been called Modernism and has been represented by some as a knowing yet pure woman, in the attitude of advance, inspiring mankind by her perfection of all earthly beauty. Gerhart Hauptmann soon became a member of this group. The Modernists were generally looked upon as faithful adherents of the dogma of Naturalism, namely that man's destiny is unalterably shaped by his environment; human fete proceeds from a parallelogram of forces extrinsic rather than proceeding from the will. Almost all of the scientists belonged to this group of Modernists. They sought to explain life mere physical and chemical forces.


A Thesis Submitted to Fulfill the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts.