Date of Award


Degree Type

Bachelors Essay

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (BS)



First Advisor

John R. Koch

Second Advisor

John Surak

Third Advisor

Hermann Karl


The writer's interest was aroused in the synthesis of organic fluorides while taking a course in Organic Preparations. The fact that fluorine chemistry was something relatively recent made the topic especially appealing. While the chloro, bromo, and iodo derivatives of most of the homologous series had been prepared, many of the fluorine compounds had not. Previous research had disclosed the asymmetrical diaryl ethanes possessed peculiar properties - to mention one, fluorescence. It was proposed that a few of the asymmetrical diaryl ethanes having fluorine and chlorine substituted on the ring in various positions with respect to one another be prepared and their physical properties determined. This type of compound containing both fluorine and chlorine had never been prepared before, as far as could be determined.


A Thesis submitted to the faculty of the College of Liberal Arts of Marquette University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science

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Chemistry Commons