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Bachelors Essay

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Bachelor of Science (BS)



First Advisor

Clifford R. Haymaker


Many of the present reagents tor the preparation of alco­hol derivatives are deficient in at least one respect. A preparative investigation was made by Mr. Robert Johnson of alkyl chlorobenzoates, by substitution of benzoyl chlorides on aloohols, since various benzoyl chlorides are now available com­mercially. Mr. Johnson presented a thesis on the "Preparation of Alkyl Chlorobenzoates And Their Application As Alcohol Derivatives". As a result or his work thirty eaters previously not reported in literature were prepared and their melting points and boiling points and refractive indices determined.

In order to give an indication of the identity and purity ot the esters synthesized, saponitication equivalents and per cent chlorine determinations are necessary.

The work of this investigation consisted in saponification, in suitable solvents, and attempted determination or the organic chlorine or the alkyl (methyl through decyl excluding nonyl), ortho and para chloro and the 2:4 and 3:4 dichlorobenzoates. By comparison or the calculated and experimental values, the identity and relative purity would be known.


A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of the College of Liberal Arts Marquette University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements tor the Degree of Bachelor of Science

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Chemistry Commons