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Bachelors Essay

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Bachelor of Science (BS)



First Advisor

John R. Koch


Since 1839, the viscosity of liquids has been measured by means of capillary tubes. However, it was not until the year 1846, that the results of Poiaeu1lle's research were :made known to the public. Because of the comprehensiveness of Poiseuille's work, the concept of the laws controlling viscometry flow is attributed to him. For one hundred rears the subject of viscometry has been studied by many. During these years the principle a propounded by Poiseuille have been verified in general, but various corrections and modifications of viscometers in regard to drainage, surface tension, liquid head, and kinetic energy have been suggested.


A Thesis submitted to the Faculty of the College of Liberal Arts or Marquette University in Partial Fulfillment or the requirements tor the Degree of Bachelor of Science

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Chemistry Commons