Date of Award


Degree Type

Bachelors Essay

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)



First Advisor

Raphael N. Hamilton


To begin with, before setting out upon a particular scholarly duty, it is well to clarify, in as concrete a manner as is possible, the problem confronting one, and the objective which is to be the desired end of the research. Applying this principle to the present work the problem to be solved is that of the historical accuracy of a representative work by Winston Churchill, dealing with the Civil War in the United States, having in mind specifically the historical references and allusions made concerning conditions in Missouri, which was a typical border state of the wartime era.

In developing this subject emphasis will be placed, not upon historical names, dates, places, or events, but upon the attitudes, opinions, and sentiments of' the characters in this literary work. Such passages will be carefully considered with the intention of' lauding or censoring the author's adherence to or departure from the facts.


A Thesis submitted to the Faculty of the College of Liberal Arts, Marquette University, in Partial Ful­fillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy