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Bachelors Essay

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)



First Advisor

William M. Magee

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Joseph C. Flynn


The proofs regarding the existence of God are of two kinds - the indirect and the direct. The former show that one's knowledge of God's existence is a necessary outcome of his rational being, while the latter present God to us as the only ultimate Sufficient Cause of the physical effects we perceive within and around us. Consequently, the indirect proofs are known to us as the moral argument, since they concern themselves with man's rational being - his intellect, and the direct proofs are termed, the metaphysical, because His existence as the ultimate Sufficient Cause is required by the prevalence of contingency, physical, by reason of the fact that there exists order and design, and historical, since they concern themselves with miracles, prayers and other manifestations of a Supreme Being.


A Thesis Submitted to Fulfill the Requirements for The Degree of Bachelor of Arts

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