Date of Award


Degree Type

Bachelors Essay

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Literatures, Languages, and Cultures

First Advisor

Thomas P. Whelan

Second Advisor

William M. Magee


Since 1906 when John Galsworthy published "The Silver Box", he has produced nineteen dramas and a number of one act plays; and Phelps says "he has produced nothing negligible". (Phelps: "Essays on Modern Dramatists" p. 100 ). In his very first play, he used a technique which he has continued to follow with more or less precision and perfection in the later dramas ( except "The Little Dream"). He did not flounder about as did the pacemakers of modern drams. He found his medium ready-made for him in naturalism, and he adopted it. It was the most suitable for the end he wished to attain. It was his aim to "set before the public no cut and dried codes, but the phenomena of life and character, selected and combined , but not distorted by the dramatist's outlook, set down without fear, favor, or prejudice, leaving the public to draw such poor moral as nature may afford." (Galsworthy in The Inn of Tranquility ") He will not try to force his opinions upon the undeserving world which is all wrong. He will not suggest remedies and preach these. He will not cry out against evils and paint them in the worst possible fashion leaving out the other side of the question entirely. He wants his art to be that of the artist who holds up a "plain unexaggerating mirror to nature". (Wm. Archer: "The Old Drama and The New" p. 16) He wants to portray life faithfully.


A Thesis submitted partially to fulfill the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy