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Bachelors Essay

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Business Administration


Farming is a business which if successful must be con­ducted in a business-like manner. It involves the production and sale of commodities, just as does manufacturing and therefore the business man, whether in the factory or on the farm should be constantly considering the question of profit ant how such profit can be increased. An adequate accounting system leads directly to a means of arriving at the amount of net profit the business is making and the efficiency in the management of the business. The problem confronting the farmer is to meed conditions on his farm in a way that will give him the greatest returns, year in and year out, for the use of his capital, his labor and his managerial ability. It is necessary to produce results that will cover the value of all of these factors, in order to be considered a successful farm operator. A system must be developed to fit the individual man's requirements, which system can be established only by obtaining a knowledge of accounting principles, the formation of accounts in orderly form and an extended study in farm accounting.


A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Agribusiness Commons