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Bachelors Essay

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Bachelor of Science (BS)



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H. Heinrich


The bio-chemist is now thouroughly (sic) interested in the theories and principles which underly physical Chemistry.

The results of these investigations are such, that they have brought about a change in the treatment of many diseases. It shall be the purpose of this paper to illustrate by experiment the importance of principles in oral antiseptics these theories and principles in oral antiseptics.

It shall be endeavoured to show that an oral antiseptic with a low surface tension is necessary for good ad­sorption.

That good adsorption is necessary in order to reach the bacteria that are in the deep crevices of the mouth.

The human subject was given a uniform amount of solu­tion to wash his mouth with, for a prescribed time, at regular intervals; cultures were then taken before, and after each washing in order to determine to some degree the amount of adsorption.

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Dentistry Commons