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Bachelors Essay

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)




The biographies of' Cicero are nearly as numerour as his works. Most of these, however, are merely imitations of the first biographies ever written. It often appears that Cicero was a vain man because of his boasting manner. This, however, can be accounted for on the ground that he was a "novus homo" and accordingly was forced to remind the people of his great deed in order to keep them before their eyes. This boastful attitude, besides . serving his.purpose; aids us in discovering the events of the orator's life as found in his own works . Traces of his earlier life cannot be found as readily as in those of his later life because they are scattered through so many volumes. After the career of the orator began even his private life can be easily followed. A considerable amount of information is left to us in his letters. Through his correspondence especially with Atticus and. Brutus, we can trace not only all his affairs but also those of the Roman Republic at a most critical period in history. His works easily lend themselves to an autobiography. The object of this thesis is to give a complete account of Cicero's life found in his own works.


A Thesis submitted partially to fulfill the requirements for The Degree of Bachelor of Arts.

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