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Bachelors Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)



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Herbert W. Rice


The subject under consideration is highly controversial since it deals with the social and political theories of men based upon racial prejudices, one group striving for supremacy, the other for its very existence. Apparent contradictory views o-r Southern slavery are confusing to the present day student. One source reports of the staid and gentle patriarchy , lords and retainers of broad and sleepy plantations, upon which life is one of and happiness. Other sources relate of the oppression of men with barbarous cruelty and unbridled power.

Which picture is to be accepted as true? As in other situations of this kind, the mean is usually the most reliable. Both concepts are true. They are not opposing views of slave~y, but merely pictures of life in the different branches of society. There was on the one hand the humanitarian house service in the great country seats and in the towns. "Contrary to what has been said and written about the· treatment of slaves by their masters , cruelties in antebellum days were rare." The words of the author fit in with the Virginia house service and in the personal retainership of town life in ·which most white children grew up.


A thesis submitted to The Faculty of the Liberal Arte College of The Marquette University in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy

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