A Histological Assessment of the Mechanism of Early-Stage Healing of a Biphasic Calcium Phosphate in an In vivo Rabbit Model

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Key Engineering Materials

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The healing mechanism of osteoconductive biphasic calcium phosphate granules was investigated by a histological assessment of early-stage bone deposition and remodeling. The deposition of de novo bone on the scaffold granules was observed to initiate at the defect periphery by week one and in the bulk of the defect incorporating the granules by week four. New bone tissue was deposited in the space provided by the macroporosity and was observed in direct apposition to the implanted material confirming the bioactivity of the biphasic calcium phosphate. The granules were removed through a cell-mediated resorption process that was observed to begin as early as week two following surgery. Mature lamellar bone, fatty bone marrow, and vascularization was observed throughout the bulk of the defect with the cortical shell healed by week twelve. This healing mechanism was found to balance bone formation and implant resorption resulting in complete healing of the corticocancellous defect in the rabbit femoral condyle.


Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 782 (2018): 275-282. DOI.