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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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DOI: 10.1016/j.apmr.2020.09.399


The purpose of this review is to delineate some of the evidence regarding the effects of exercise intensity during locomotor training in patients with stroke and iSCI. We provide specific definitions of exercise intensity used within the literature, describe methods used to ensure appropriate levels of exertion, and discuss potential adverse events and safety concerns during its application. Further details on the effects of locomotor training intensity on clinical outcomes, and on neuromuscular and cardiovascular function will be addressed as available. Existing literature across multiple studies and meta-analyses reveals that exercise training intensity is likely a major factor that can influence locomotor function after neurologic injury. To extend these findings, we describe previous attempts to implement moderate to high intensity interventions during physical rehabilitation of patients with neurologic injury, including the utility of specific strategies to facilitate implementation, and to navigate potential barriers that may arise during implementation efforts.


Accepted version. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Vol. 103, No. 7, Supplement (July 2022): S178-S188. DOI. © 2022 Elsevier (WB Saunders). Used with permission.

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