Neuraminidase Activity in Diplococcus pneumoniae

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American Society for Microbiology

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Journal of Bacteriology

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DOI: 10.1128/jb.91.2.601-603.1966


Kelly, R. T. (Marquette University School of Medicine, Milwaukee, Wis.), D. Greiff, and S. Farmer. Neuraminidase activity in Diplococcus pneumoniae. J. Bacteriol. 91:601–603. 1966.—A method for the quantitation of neuraminidase in the presence of N-acetylneuraminic acid aldolase is described. The neuraminidase content of Diplococcus pneumoniae was found to be dependent on the media employed for growth; the highest enzyme activity per milligram of bacterial protein was obtained with Todd-Hewitt broth. Neuraminidase production was stimulated in D. pneumoniae by the addition of N-acetylneuraminlactose, N-acetylneuraminic acid, or N-acetylmannosamine to the growth medium. Three rough strains of D. pneumoniae, which were nonpathogenic for mice, lacked neuraminidase activity. Seven of 12 smooth strains contained neuraminidase; enzyme activity was not detected in the remaining 5 smooth strains. There was no correlation between the presence of neuraminidase activity and the capsular type or between neuraminidase production and animal virulence.


Published version. Journal of Bacteriology, Vol. 91, No. 2 (February 1966): 601-603. DOI. © 1966 American Society for Microbiology. Used with permission.