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General chemistry I/II courses are important gateway courses for a variety of STEM majors, as poor performance in these courses is often associated with lower rates of student success and retention. Much research has explored preparatory or remedial strategies to improve student outcomes. In this article, we report a different approach, which involved the development of a bridging or intervention course designed to capture students who are not or have not succeeded in general chemistry I and prepare them to retake the course in the following semester or summer. The course was initially developed as an eight-week module in the second half of the fall semester, where students were required to withdraw from general chemistry I prior to enrolling. After three years of this offering modality, with the inception of a winter J-term, the course was redesigned and moved online, where it was taught for another three years. We describe here in detail the design, evolution, and evaluation of this course over the six-year period.


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