High Throughput Methods for Polymer Nanocomposites Research: Extrusion, NMR Characterization and Flammability Property Screening

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Journal of Materials Science


A large number of parameters influence polymer-nanocomposite performance and developing a detailed understanding of these materials involves investigation of a large volume of the associated multi-dimensional property space. This multi-dimensional parameter space for polymer-nanocomposites consists of the obvious list of different material types under consideration, such as polymer and nano-additive, but also includes interphase surface chemistry, and processing conditions. This article presents combinatorial library design and high-throughput screening methods for polymer nanocomposites intended as flame-resistant materials. Here, we present the results of using a twin-screwn extruder to create composition-gradient library strips of polymer nanocomposites that are screened with a solid-state NMR method to rapidly evaluate the optimal processing conditions for achieving nanocomposite dispersion. In addition, we present a comparison of a new rapid Cone calorimetry method to conventional Cone calorimetry and to the gradient heat-flux flame spread method.


Journal of Materials Science, Volume 38, Number 22, pp 4451-4460, DOI: 10.1023/A:1027369115480

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