Cross-Linking of Polystyrene by Friedel-Crafts Chemistry: A Review

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Fire and Polymers


The cross-linking of polystyrene by Friedel-Crafts chemistry is briefly reviewed. The focus has been on producing a cross-linked structure which will char and provide thermal protection to the underlying polymer. The mechanism and kinetics of cross-linking along with the identity and activity of the functional groups have been of interest. The key parameter is the cross-linking temperature, control of which could be achieved through the choice of functional groups, catalysts, and inhibitors. The utilization of Friedel-Crafts chemistry to promote thermal stabilization and flame retardancy for styrenic polymers has been the intent of this study.


"Cross-Linking of Polystyrene by Friedel-Crafts Chemistry: A Review" in Fire and Polymers: Materials and Solutions for Hazard Prevention. Eds. Gordon L Nelson and C A Wilkie. New York: Distributed by Oxford University Press, 2001, pp 125–135. DOI.