A Review of Recent Work in the Fire Retardancy of Nanocomposites

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Contribution to Book

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Fire and Polymers IV


Recent work from this laboratory on various aspects of the fire retardancy of polymer-clay nanocomposites is reviewed. The principal areas of interest are: the amount of clay that is required, the mechanisms by which nanocomposite formation enhances fire retardancy, the role of the surfactant and synergy between conventional fire retardants and nanocomposite formation. This is used to set a pathway for the future of nanocomposites in fire retardancy.


"A Review of Recent Work in the Fire Retardancy of Nanocomposites," in Fire and Polymers IV. Eds. Charles A Wilkie and Gordon L. Nelson. Washington, DC : American Chemical Society 2006: 8-20. Permalink. © 2006 American Chemical Society.