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Construction and Building Materials

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Concrete has many limitations in the building construction in cold areas. However, there is abundant ice in those regions. Therefore, using ice as a substitute for concrete has been explored by researchers. Inspired by the idea of square concrete filled steel tube (CFT), a new column form termed square ice filled steel tubular (IFT) column is proposed in this study. It consists of a square outer steel tube with the inner space filled with ice. A total of eighteen stub columns were made and tested under axial compression, including three circular plain ice specimens, nine square IFT specimens and six hollow square steel tubes, to demonstrate the advantages of the composite column. The width-to-thickness (B/t) ratio of the steel tubes varies from 39.5 to 77. The test results confirmed that the ice core is effectively confined by the steel tube, and the inward local buckling of the steel tube is suppressed by the inner ice, leading to higher strength and better ductility of the square IFT specimens compared with hollow steel tubes and plain ice columns. A simplified axial bearing capacity equation for square IFT stub columns is proposed and it provides reasonable and accurate predictions of the test results.


Accepted version. Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 188 (November 10, 2018): 198-209. DOI. © 2018 Elsevier. Used with permission.

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