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Composites Part A : Applied Science and Manufacturing

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This study investigated the effects of carbon nanofibers (CNFs) content on hygrothermal ageing behaviors and mechanisms of flax fiber-reinforced epoxy (FFRE) laminates. CNFs/FFRE laminates containing 0.25–2.0 wt% CNFs were fabricated and immersed in distilled water for 180 days. Water absorption and tensile as well as thermodynamic properties were investigated. The research results showed that CNFs played a significant role in the improvement of hygrothermal properties of FFRE laminates. The water uptake of CNFs/FFRE laminates was significantly decreased because CNFs improved water barrier properties of the laminates. The improvements of tensile and thermodynamic properties of CNFs/FFRE laminates were attributed to the fact that CNFs strengthened the interface bonding and enhanced the matrix’s stability. This study demonstrates that adding appropriate amount of CNFs into FFRE laminates is beneficial to improving the hygrothermal durability of FFRE laminates.


Accepted version. Composites Part A : Applied Science and Manufacturing, Vol. 140 (January 2021): 106142. DOI. © 2021 Elsevier. Used with permission.

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