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Engineering Structures

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Adequate rebar-concrete bonding is crucial to ensure the reliable performance of reinforced concrete (RC) structures. Many factors such as the concrete properties, concrete cover depth, transverse reinforcement, and the presence of corrosion will affect the bond behavior, and consequently, the structural performance. While many prior studies have focused on the influence of the aforementioned factors on the bond strength, the impact of these factors on the bond failure mode has not been thoroughly investigated. A probabilistic bond failure mode prediction model that considers various influencing factors including loading type and corrosion is developed in this study. This study uses the bond testing results of 132 beam-end specimens subjected to monotonic and cyclic loading and adopts classification methods to develop the prediction model, which is then used to evaluate the impact of bond behavior on the reliability of a RC beam with a lap splice.


Accepted version. Engineering Structures, Vol. 223, (2021, April): 111944. DOI. © 2021 Elsevier. Used with permission.

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