Development and Validation of an Integrated Cell Culture-qRTPCR Assay for Simultaneous Quantification of Coxsackieviruses, Echoviruses, and Polioviruses in Disinfection Studies

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Water Science and Technology

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doi: 10.2166/wst.2010.818


This study demonstrated the applicability of integrated cell culture-quantitative RTPCR (ICC-qRTPCR) for the simultaneous quantification of coxsackievirus, echovirus, and poliovirus in disinfection studies. Buffalo green monkey cells were inoculated with a 10-fold dilution series of mixed enteroviruses and incubated prior to qRTPCR quantification. Optimal assay conditions included three post infection washes and a 24-hour post infection incubation period based on successful differentiation between infectious and noninfectious viruses and significant and consistent viral replication rates. Ultraviolet disinfection studies were performed to validate the ICC-qRTPCR assay. Using the optimized assay, three-log microbial inactivation was achieved at UV doses of 30–44, 28–42, and 28–29 mJ/cm2 for coxsackievirus B6, echovirus 12, and poliovirus 1, respectively. These results compare favorably to side-by-side assessments using conventional cultural techniques and values previously reported in the literature. This indicates that ICC-qRTPCR is a practical alternative for the simultaneous quantification of enteroviruses in disinfection studies.


Water Science and Technology, Vol. 61, No. 2 (2010): 375-387. DOI.

Brooke Mayer was affiliated with the Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus at the time of publication.