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Assessing Evidence in a Postmodern World

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This research is dedicated to the memory of Victor Cohn, former science reporter for the Washington Post and often considered the dean of science writers, who collaborated on the first wave of the survey. The 1997 survey was supported by a grant from the American Statistical Association and the 2008 survey by a grant from the Communication graduate program at Marquette University. Special thanks to research assistants Kathryn Zabriskie and Gongke Li for their valuable help in the survey. The analyses and conclusions are solely those of the authors.


Published version. “Promises and Challenges of Teaching Statistical Reasoning to Journalism Undergraduates: Twin Surveys of Department Heads, 1997 and 2008." By Dr. Robert Griffin from Assessing Evidence in a Postmodern World. Bonnie Brennen, Editor. ISBN 978-0-87462-036-8. Publisher link. © 2013 Marquette University Press. Used with permission.

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