Friends, Fans, and Followers: A Case Study of Marquette University’s Use of Social Media to Engage with Key Stakeholders

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University of Southern California

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Case Studies in Strategic Communication

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This case study examines social media as a relevant marketing strategy for one higher education institution. As an innovator of social media strategy for colleges and universities, Marquette University is showcased because of the school’s early adoption of a social media strategy and its commitment to connecting with key stakeholders through social media websites. Marquette is one of few universities that continuously engages in conversations with its followers via social media, active in 10 different social media platforms through which the university engages with various stakeholders. In this case study, social media use among academic institutions is reviewed to provide background. Strategy, tactics, and measurement approaches are explored through one-on-one interviews with members of the Office of Marketing and Communication at Marquette University. The case study concludes with an analysis of how social media efforts may directly contribute to building the Marquette University brand. The insights derived from this case study are useful in helping communication and marketing professionals in higher education better understand and apply social media practices to build relationships with key stakeholders.


Case Studies in Strategic Communication, Vol. 2, 2013. Permalink.