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It was an honor to be called upon to be the anchor reviewer for this special issue of Public Understanding of Science devoted to new perspectives on media presentations of scientific uncertainty. But more than that, it was for me a pleasure and an education. It is always rewarding when, as one of the reviewers of submitted manuscripts, you get so engaged by the content and quality of the research in the articles before you that you have to remind yourself that your task is that of the critic. That happened repeatedly with all of the research articles in this issue. Rather than summarize each of the articles, which Peters and Dunwoody (2016) have done so well in their introduction, and rather than repeat all the valuable roadmaps for further research already contained in the articles, please allow me to share a handful of sometimes oblique observations inspired, directly or indirectly, by all of the articles in this special issue. The following reflections may refer to some articles more than others, but that should not signal any differences in the high-quality and valuable contributions of each.


Accepted version. Public Understanding of Science, Vol. 25, No. 8 (November 2016): 1009-1013. DOI. © 2017 SAGE Publications. Used with permission.

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