Qualitative Methods for CSCW: Challenges and Opportunities

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Conference Proceeding

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Association for Computing Machinery

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CSCW '19 Companion: Conference Companion Publication of the 2019 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing

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Qualitative methods have long been an important component of CSCW research. However, it can be challenging to make qualitative work legible to a broader set of researchers, which is critical as mixed methods research becomes more common. Moreover, the shift towards larger scales of data and increasing calls for open data and more transparency pose new questions for qualitative methods in terms of data collection, analysis, reporting, and sharing. This workshop brings together researchers to discuss these challenges as well as new opportunities for qualitative methods, with goals to help build norms and best practices for (1) conducting qualitative research, (2) reporting that research, and (3) engaging and collaborating with CSCW researchers from other methodological traditions.


Published as part of the proceedings of the conference Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing, 2019: 455-460. DOI.