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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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IEEE Access

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The burgeoning growth of Big Data not only matures and improves the data management efficiency and useful information extraction techniques, but also motivates the computational science researchers to come up with a new method or solution that can be repurposed for problems across the domain. Computational Sustainability joins this movement for a transferrable computational technique for sustainable development and a better future. Internet-of-energy (IoE) - leveraging IoT to smart grids associated with advanced analytics - is one of the prominent efforts in this regard. This paper presents a qualitative analysis on the elements of the energy and power management ecosystem in the United States. This qualitative study includes the Grid Overview of the United States; Weather and Climate and its impact on the entire energy generation and consumption dynamics; Peak Load Forecasting and its techniques and burgeoning challenges; Variable Renewable Energy, its reliability challenges and how we can take advantage of this variability; Commodity Prices and its criticality; Energy Disaggregation and its impact on consumption-awareness; and Generation Expansion and Decision Analysis. Besides, IoE integration, associated trade-offs, challenges, research opportunities and transferable computational techniques are addressed in this communication. Furthermore, schematics and quantitative analysis are presented in support of this study.


Accepted version. IEEE Access, Vol. 8 (April 07, 2020): 69003-69037. DOI. © 2020 The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Used with permission.

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