Episode 4: Mask Up Marquette

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This conversation focuses on mask-wearing and how the current science on COVID-19 transmission supports their effectiveness in preventing community spread. We discuss when you should wear a mask, what you should consider in choosing one, who is and who is not wearing them, and why everyone should wear one if we hope to contain this virus and return to life together. Participants include:

Dr. Paul Gasser - A biologist and neuroscientist in Biomedical Sciences who teaches biochemistry.

Mike Haischer (HSci ‘14) - The research lab manager at the Athletic and Human Performance Research Center and a current PhD student in Exercise and Rehabilitation Science.

Dr. Laurieann Klockow - A virologist who teaches about microbiology, including a new class focused on understanding Covid-19.

Dr. Paula Papanek - A physiologist and Director of Graduate Studies for Clinical and Translational Rehabilitation Science and faculty member in the Department of Physical Therapy.

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Covid Converstaions Episode 4 transcript