Date of Award

Summer 2013

Degree Type

Professional Project - Restricted

Degree Name

Masters in Leadership Studies


College of Professional Studies


According to the Official U.S. Government Site for Medicare, health deficiencies in 2012 in the State of Wisconsin ranged from 0 to 44 adverse impact incidents. It means that there are some facilities that provide excellent quality of care as well as there are some in which surveyors find as many as 44 deficiencies. The average number of citations in the United States is 7.4 and in the State of Wisconsin 8.5 (, 2013). In 2012 surveyors from the Wisconsin Department of Quality Assurance issued 61 immediate jeopardy citations. Facilities are working toward accident prevention, promoting highest level of functioning, consultations with doctors regarding significant changes, prevention of pressures ulcers, infection prevention and control and more to limit deficiencies as much as possible. The literature indicates that charge nurses are not effective leaders for a variety of reasons (Faulk, 2008; Harahan, et aI., 2011; Haravath et aI. 2008, Utley, Anderson & Atwell, 2011; Wong and Cummings, 2007). At the same time the literature suggests that in nursing homes where nurses exhibit good leadership skills the quality of care is higher (Choi & Johantgen, 2012; Duygulu & Kublay, 2011; Harahan, et aI., 2011). The purpose of this research is to identify leadership skills (or lack of) that impact quality of care provided in nursing homes. Knowledge of the needed skills and assessment of the reality in nursing homes help to identify the gap between the theory and practice. The author will make recommendations based on the leadership style that fits most closely with the gathered data.



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