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HenschelHAUS Publishing, Inc.

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Inventing Dental Continuing Education: History of The Dental Forum -- Milwaukee

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Life-long learning is an ancient concept. The young are unaware of it. A beginning practitioner, often blinded by ego, ignores its value. The seasoned veteran, haunted by challenges, wonders how it passed him by. History can and does often teach us lessons. In 1787, Benjamin Franklin stood up to address the American Constitutional Convention and urged his fellow patriots to sign the document. At the age of 81, he was the oldest person in the group. He acknowledged having opened his mind to contrarian viewpoints from his younger colleagues. Franklin spoke these words: “If you are convinced that you know it all, how will you ever learn anything?” In the presence of an assembly of younger men, Franklin admitted that although he had his doubts about the new proposed constitution, he stated that he might be wrong. His wisdom, along with the courage of the other patriots, created a nation. What follows is a story of dentists who believed life-long learning had merit. That strong belief led to the establishment of an organization called THE Dental Forum of Milwaukee. One hundred years of continuous operation stand testament to a good idea.


Published version. Inventing Dental Continuing Education: History of The Dental Forum -- Milwaukee by Kenneth J. Waliszewski. Milwaukee: HenschelHAUS Publishing, Inc., 2021. Publisher link. ©2021 The Dental Forum. Used with permission.

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