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Radical Business Philosophy

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ABOUT THE TALK: Jerry Greenfield spoke to Marquette students in April 2009 and shared Ben & Jerry's corporate history, entrepreneurialism, social responsibility and other business philosophies.

ABOUT THE SERIES: The appearance was sponsored by the Marquette University Student Government, a student-run organization dedicated to actively addressing and representing students' needs, concerns and interests through acts of leadership and service. MUSG also supports other student organizations and sponsors services for the Marquette student body.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Jerry Greenfield is co-founder of Ben & Jerry's, one of America's most iconic ice cream companies. Greenfield, along with partner Ben Cohen, opened the first Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop in Burlington, Vt., in 1978. Today, the company is a multi-million dollar enterprise that includes Ben & Jerry's Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to social responsibility and the environment.


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