JOONG-KIL KWON, Marquette University


A new form of the energy momentum tensor of the electromagnetic wave, whose elements are in close analogy with quantum mechanical expressions, has been derivable from a classical wave equation with the aid of quantum mechanical quantization technique. Based on these new expressions of energy density and momentum density of the electromagnetic waves in conjunction with the boundary conditions for the electromagnetic field theory, the propagation properties of the guided wave has been explained as the kinematic phenomena. A new computational method, called a "Local Field Method," for the waveguide junction problems has also been yielded based on the energy and momentum conservations of electromagnetic wave in the waveguide. The applications of the local field method for the practical waveguide junction problems; i.e., inductive and capacitive irises in the rectangular waveguide, waveguide H-plane and E-plane step junctions, and H-plane T-junction, are presented. The numerical results for the standard X-band rectangular waveguide junctions are successful in comparison with the known methods and the experimental results. A new technique for measuring the evanescent field penetration in the waveguide are also presented.

Recommended Citation

KWON, JOONG-KIL, "ENERGY - MOMENTUM THEORY OF GUIDED WAVES" (1982). Dissertations (1962 - 2010) Access via Proquest Digital Dissertations. AAI8228836.