An analysis of the knowledge, preparedness and perceptions of superintendents toward site-based management

Thomas Harold Gullick, Marquette University


The purpose of this multiple-case analysis study was to examine Wisconsin public school superintendents' knowledge of, preparation for and perceptions about site-based management(SBM). The subjects for this study included all 426 public school district superintendents in Wisconsin. The research began with a survey to the 426 superintendents followed by twelve in-depth case studies. 334 returned survey data. This comprised a 78.40% response rate. Each of the respondents were invited to participate in the in-depth case study interviews. 89 of the respondents agreed to be interviewed and twelve were selected due to their geographic location, district size and willingness to allocate several hours to participate in the case study portion of the research. Data analysis revealed that Wisconsin superintendents have adequate basic knowledge of site-based management. 95.16% of the responding superintendents do not think site-based management should be mandated in Wisconsin schools although 68.90% think that site-based management would be a valuable addition to their schools. Case studies revealed that various forms of shared decision making such as strategic planning are already being implemented in Wisconsin schools. Conclusions were as follows: (1) Wisconsin superintendents have a basic understanding of site-based management, but are unsure of the process needed to make site-based management effective in Wisconsin schools. (2) The findings support prior research that SBM can be a valuable addition to school management improvement. (3) More training is needed and should be offered to school districts before a decision to mandate SBM in Wisconsin schools is made.

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Gullick, Thomas Harold, "An analysis of the knowledge, preparedness and perceptions of superintendents toward site-based management" (1994). Dissertations (1962 - 2010) Access via Proquest Digital Dissertations. AAI9517928.