A multiple-case study of the role enactment of Wisconsin school counselor interns

Constance Kathryn Hackbart, Marquette University


In 1967, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction implemented an alternative program that enabled individuals to become certified school counselors without a teaching certificate and two years teaching experience. There has been little follow-up research about the Wisconsin School Counselor internship alternative since it's inception. A multiple case study methodology was used to gather data from four Wisconsin school counselor interns. Triangulation was used to strengthen reliability, as well as internal validity, of the case studies. Data collection methods included two questionnaires, three semi-structured interviews, two observations, the Twenty Statement-Test, and review of documents. Several strategies to enhance the reliability and validity of the interviews were used. First, the interviews were semi-structured. Second, all the interviews were audio-taped and transcribed verbatim. Third, the responses were clarified by subjects during the data collection stage. The data were utilized to develop a template for a School Counselor Intern Preparation Model. Previous life and job experiences were found to enhance the role enactment process. The practical classes which used 'role playing' or direct client contact were most useful to the interns. The close relationship with at least one professor was significant to professional growth. Personality flaws were identified that could interfere with the counseling and guidance process. Clear and regular communication with key school district staff was identified as important to a positive internship experience. The template from this study can be used: (a) to re-evalute courses and curriculum for interns, (b) to develop a school counselor personality profile by gathering data about the personal (Ideographic) dimension of the model, and (c) to further define the organizational (Nomethetic) characteristics which could be benefical for the evaluation of possible intern placement sites. The template offers a structure for data collection and that data can then be utilized to further define and refine the School Counselor Intern Preparation Model.

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Hackbart, Constance Kathryn, "A multiple-case study of the role enactment of Wisconsin school counselor interns" (1997). Dissertations (1962 - 2010) Access via Proquest Digital Dissertations. AAI9811386.