Impact of the Sister Teacher Formation Program at Alverno College

Mary Ann Nugent, Marquette University


The study investigated the impact of a Sister Teacher Formation Program upon the 1966 graduates of a small, independent, liberal arts college for women located in Midwestern United States. Through the use of a research review, an informational survey and an interview process the qualitative case study examined how Alverno College attempted to form its 1966 sister teacher graduates intellectually and spiritually. Survey data and focal case study interviews were also used to examine the graduates' retrospective perceptions concerning (1) factors of the sister teacher formation program having positive and long lasting effects and (2) factors of the sister teacher formation program having little or no positive and long lasting effects. The study's research review included archival documentation and former research studies concerning Sister Teacher Formation Programs. The researcher-designed informational survey elicited information concerning demographics, general program perceptions, and recognition of recommended program provisions, as well as data directly related to the research questions. Individual interviews were conducted to obtain more in-depth information pertinent to the focus of the research. A cross-case analysis of survey and interview data was performed to determine complimentary or contrasting patterns of response. Due to the unique and positive contributions of educational leaders of the college featured in the study as revealed through the literature review, the survey and the interviews, the researcher concluded that the study may complement the historical record of religious teacher formation in the United States. Because the majority of the survey respondents and the case study participants consistently perceived the Sister Teacher Formation Program to have led to positive and long lasting results, the researcher further concludes that the study may provide insight concerning teacher formation for those involved in the education and preparation of teachers today.

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Nugent, Mary Ann, "Impact of the Sister Teacher Formation Program at Alverno College" (2000). Dissertations (1962 - 2010) Access via Proquest Digital Dissertations. AAI9977723.