Date of Award

Spring 1943

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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




It has been suggested by Mr. William Barrett in Aristotle's Analysis of Movement, that the whole theory of the Prime Mover of Aristotle is exceedingly complex and should be re-interpreted today and clothed in a new habit. If this is necessary for the argument in the Physics, the first proof of the existence of God in the Contra Gentiles may also need to be re-stated for the twentieth century. The fundamental principles of both arguments are the same and St. Thomas explicitly acknowledges his indebtedness to Aristotle. This study is preliminary to any re-interpretation of the argument from motion The purpose here is to analyze the proof from motion as it is stated by St. Thomas in the Contra Gentiles, to weigh the basic objections that have been urged against it by subsequent critics, and to discover whether or not their criticisms have invalidated the argument.



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