Date of Award

Spring 1994

Document Type

Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Policy and Leadership

First Advisor

Zaffrann, Ron

Second Advisor

Rusch, Kathleen

Third Advisor

Nordberg, Robert


The relationship between sexual and religious development has long been an interest to the researcher. Having been primarily a student of religion and theology, there has always been a parallel interest in the contribution of social science to systems of religious thinking. The present study is an outgrowth of such an interest in attempting to explore the relationship of religious thought processes to sexual processes. While the scope of the study is limited to the sexually addicted population, the intent is to begin a process of inductive investigation into the formative messages that may have been a factor in the development of disordered behaviors in the realm of sexuality. Through the identification from self-description of religious themes, attitudes, and their relationship to one's sense of sexual and bodily image, the study's purpose was to provide a foundation for the ongoing dialogue between religion and sexuality.



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