Date of Award

Fall 2004

Document Type

Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Social and Cultural Sciences

First Advisor

Zevitz, Richard

Second Advisor

Ruff, Julius

Third Advisor

Moberg, David


The topic of fear of crime is an important issue to explore for the criminal justice field. It represents a quality of life issue that can, at the very least, encumber people who find themselves experiencing fear on a regular basis. In addition, knowing people who allow fear to guide their lives was also a partial consideration in the development of this dissertation. It was for these basic reasons that I decided to commit such a considerable amount of time and energy toward understanding its scope. This study took place utilizing telephone survey research; only Milwaukee County residents were contacted and included in the study. The research itself moved relatively quickly, while the development of the interviewing schedule, phone number preparation, and analysis took so much longer. In this study, my greatest desire has and continues to be a sincere concern and commitment to understanding how fear reaches into people's lives and to what extent it influences their quality of life.



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