Date of Award

Fall 2003

Document Type

Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Augenstein, John

Second Advisor

Schweizer, Heidi

Third Advisor

Halula, Kim


The National Association of Independent Schools (2000a) reported another record school enrollment of approximately 53 million students for American elementary and secondary schools. Public school enrollment was 47,000,000, private schools enrolled 4,500,000, and the remaining 500,000 were in independent schools. The 53 million students were enrolled in approximately 115,000 public elementary and secondary schools, 28,000 private schools, and 1,500 independent schools. Private and nonpublic are umbrella terms that generally apply to the universe of nonpublic schools, including independent, parochial, religious, Montessori, and for-profit schools. Pat Bassett (1999), the past-president of the Independent Schools of Central States, and currently president of the National Association of lndependent Schools, noted the difference in governance and finance of independent schools as compared to public and other nonpublic schools...



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