Date of Award

Fall 2000

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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Carey, Patrick W.

Second Advisor

Dabney, D. L.

Third Advisor

Duffey, Michael


The following chapters demonstrate that Alexander-Campbell's political convictions led him to abhor Catholicism, and to fear the oppressive conspiracies of the Catholic hierarchy, At the same time, however, bis convictions led him to reject the overt proscription of Catholics; instead, he placed great confidence in good government, and he trusted the educational institutions of the New Republic to crush the Catholic threat in a non-coercive, republican way. Previous historians have been unable to adequately address these aspects of Campbell's thought, for two primary reasons~ first, they have :frequently treated Campbell as a thoroughgoing primitivist who wished to "restore" the practices of the unadulterated first-century church; second, they have neglected bis Presbyterian backgrounds...



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