Date of Award

Spring 2009

Document Type

Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Gardinier, James R.

Second Advisor

Rathore, Rajendra

Third Advisor

Steinmetz, Mark


Self-assembling 'wire-like' systems are desirable to circumvent the highly (sometimes prohibitively) demanding synthetic efforts required to traverse various size regimes (from the molecular scale to the nanoscale and beyond) warranted in emerging technological applications such as those found in the areas of molecular electronics1 or even solar energy conversion. Simple, multi-nucleating ligand scaffolds with capacity for enforcing discrete metal-metal interactions and extending these (or other) interactions over multiple metal centers via non-covalent self-assembly are enticing candidates for this prospect. For a given multi-nucleating ligand, the various structural factors influencing the controlled molecular and supramolecular organization of metal complexes of can be most conveniently studied by an initial examination of their silver(I) coordination chemistry...



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