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Fall 1996

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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




One of many proposals to solve the behavior problems prevalent in public schools is the wearing of school uniforms. Advocates of school uniforms are of the opinion that uniforms create a serious tone and improve the focus of students on school work; uniforms reduce the cost of school clothing; uniforms improve discipline: uniforms reduce theft in schools; uniforms restrict or remove gang attire and create a safer school environment: uniforms improve self-image and self-esteem; and uniforms relieve competition and peer pressure. Those opposed to school uniforms argue that uniforms engender cynicism and controversy and can lead to rebellion; behavior problems themselves should be addressed rather than restricting or banning certain types of clothing; uniforms restrict individual liberties, specifically the First Amendment right of freedom of expression; uniforms represent the personal preferences of administrators more than educational goals; students need to be able to make some decisions, and how to dress is one of those decisions; uniforms may lead to insecurity and behavior problems; and uniform policies do not take into account religious. cultural and even physical differences. School uniform policies may be voluntary or mandatory The uniforms themselves may be Formal-very specific items of clothing (usually to be purchased from one particular uniform supplier) to be worn by students to school, or they may be more casual and referred to as a Mode of Dress-a form of school uniform which usually limits colors and/or styles of shirts and pants or skirts which may be purchased from a vendor of the parents' choosing. The use of school uniforms has been endorsed by President Clinton, and has received support of the courts when sound educational or safety reasons are cited. School uniform use in public schools is receiving wide-spread public attention and increasing in implementation even though relatively few research studies have been performed regarding the effects of school uniforms. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of school uniform policies on student attendance, discipline referrals, and classroom environment...



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