Date of Award

Spring 1989

Document Type

Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Kincaid, James R.

Second Advisor

Hoffman, Norman E.


The v(O-O) of dioxygen adducts of cobalt protoporphyrin IX reconstituted a and b chains, CoHb tetramer, CoMb and FeCo hybrids were measured for the dioxygen isotopomers "formula" in H20 and D20 buffered solutions. The RR spectra of the 160 2 adducts in H20 for all proteins studied were dominated by the presence of a strong band near 1135 cm·1 that experienced 3-5 cm·1 upshifts to -1140 cm·1 in D20. Another feature near 1150 cm·1 was present as a prominent shoulder for some systems "formula, a weak shoulder for others 'formula" and absent for another (CoMb). The RR spectra of the ·180 2 adducts in H20 were dominated by a large band at -1065 cm-1 that upshifted 2-9 cm·1 to -1070 cm·1 in D20 and weak feature rear 1095 cm·1 that was H20/D20 insensitive; The RR spectra -of all proteins with 160 180 exhibited a strong band near 1098 cm·1 that was insensitive to H20/D20 exchange and a weak feature near 1080 cm·1 in H20 that disappeared in D20...



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