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Spring 1978

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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




There are a number of reasons recommending that the correspondence between Hart Crane and waldo Frank be gathered together into an edition. While it would be tempting to predicate doing so solely, because of the importance of both figures to American literary history, doing so might also forego the profits a more problematically guided editing might yield one that would not be content with a de facto sense of its own importance, but would address itself toward helping to illuminate those critical concerns which suggest the value of such an edition. The problem is, while work by Waldo Frank is abundant, work about him is not. Subsequently no particular reason has been established, other than the most unfettered kind of historical curiosity, to consider the correspondence between the two men for the significance it bears in relation to Waldo Frank. The situation, however, is precisely the opposite of that where Hart Crane is concerned...



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