Date of Award

Spring 1976

Document Type

Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Nordberg, Robert B.

Second Advisor

Phayer, Michael

Third Advisor

Niemiec, Carl


In this dissertation I have tried to present Don Bosco's contribution to education with special reference to guidance and counseling. Although Bosco called his method of education the "Preventive System", he has not formulated his ideas in a systematic way that would justify its being called a "system". I have attempted to gather from various 'primary and secondary sources his ideas on education, and, in the process, I have tried to arrange them into a coherent pattern. Since Bosco was predominantly a practitioner, his ideas could be gathered only in relation to his life and activities. Hence a heavy emphasis on his personality was unavoidable. If I have brought in modern educational psychologists into the picture, it is only for the sake of comparison and evaluation of Bosco's system and to bring out his contribution to educational guidance and counseling. In making such comparisons, I have always borne in mind the.fact that, as a "system", Don Bosco' s educational ideas are in no way comparable to the far more sophisticated and systematic educational philosophies and systems of our own times.



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