Date of Award

Fall 1968

Document Type

Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Nordberg, Robert B.

Second Advisor

Dupuis, A. M.

Third Advisor

Topetzes, Nicholas J.


This study is concerned with minor seminaries on the secondary level. Although such seminaries are in reality high schools, members of the faculty and the seminarians consider themselves, in many respects, different from an ordinary high school. Seminaries have had spiritual direction long before counseling and guidance were introduced into the American schools. There is a tendency to consider this spiritual direction as still sufficient since it is a counseling and guidance program. There is danger, in such a case, that the modern principles of human development and personality theories may be neglected. This study proposes four hypotheses. Hypothesis I: The responsibility of the counselor and disciplinarian in minor seminaries is held by one individual at the same time. Hypothesis II: The counselor believes he is hindered in the task of counseling by his obligations as disciplinarian. Hypothesis III: The members of the faculty are reluctant to send students for counseling lest it become a matter of discipline. Hypothesis IV: Seminarians believe themselves to be hindered from freely discussing personal problems with a counselor who is also a disciplinarian....



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