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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Social and Cultural Sciences


The Problem and Its Delimitation. The problem this dissertation is concerned with is, in its fullest aspect, the genesis, nature and efficacy of sociological jurisprudence, and with special reference to its American aspects, and particularly the role of Dean Pound of the Harvard Law School therein. This Thesis Part of a Larger Work.--The subject as thus delimited proving upon intensive study still more than necessarily broad for the purposes of such a dissertation, the resulting First Edition here offered in this present Preface-Introduction is to be considered as forming an organic but independent part of a larger work attempting to cover the whole above-mentioned field, the implied epilogue, as it were, being at present typing in final draft from manuscript. Indeed each of the five books into which the entire larger work is divided constitutes an organic but at the same time independent part of that larger work. Each is an original contribution in itself, it is hoped. Work Done by Others.--On the subject of the first book, to dying forth the origins of the Sociological Jurisprudence, tracing its varying early fortunes and development from the 19th century schools, and presenting the situation in this country as of the beginning of Dean Pound's agitation on the scale of a nationally-heard publicist, Pound's own historical writings stand practically isolated in the field. And in a field of such rich promise, even he, we believe, has not as fully related the developments in jurisprudence to those in other phases of life and culture as well he might. Anything that can be added to Pound's treatment here amply repays such effort in the knowledge that it constitutes of itself an original contribution...



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