Date of Award

Spring 1992

Document Type

Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Ruff, Julius, R.

Second Advisor

Hay, Carla

Third Advisor

Hachey, Thomas E,


Upon learning that this is a study of certain influences upon the July Monarchy, scholars and general readers may already be thinking in terms of an earlier editor who noted that for many, "the reign of Louis Philippe will only suggest the possibility of six yawns to a page." Hopefully, after reading this manuscript, the reader will not have experienced "six yawns to a page." The reader will note what first appears to be inconsistencies in the spelling of French names and titles. My decision has been to translate titles into their English equivalents but when an author of a book possesses a title, I have retained the French version in footnotes and in the bibliography in order to facilitate research by others who wish to look for it in a card catalogue, etc. The French usage of "de" in names presents a special problem; I have arbitrarily decided to not translate it when part of an individual's name but to translate it when part of a title, except for a few exceptions which seem to better satisfy American expectations. Thus, for the Duc de Richelieu, I have used Duke of Richelieu but for the Marquis de Lafayette, I have retained Marquis de Lafayette. Similarly, I have used the American spelling of Napoleon instead of the French Napoleon, while I have retained the French spelling of Orleans. For the same reason of conforming to American usage, the French word for street - rue - has been capitalized when used as a proper noun. I have utilized the French spelling for the city of Lyon instead of the American version which spells it as Lyons.



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