Date of Award

Summer 1972

Document Type

Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Ivanoff, John

Second Advisor

Kipfmueller, Mark

Third Advisor

Tracy, William


This study had three major purposes. First, to determine to what extent the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) Superior Ability Program (SAP) has the essential features for a quality program as recommended by authorities in the field. Next, to evaluate the MPS' present provisions for the gifted in terms of data obtained from the Passow and Brooks' Guide for Rating Provisions for the Gifted. The third component of this investigation involved various statistical techniques to determine of there were any difference in academic achievement for equated groups of students presently in the SAP versus those attending regular classes. The following seven program features were evaluated when reviewing the MPS' SAP: The teacher--selection and training; The curriculum--purposefully distinctive; Student selection procedures; A statement of philosophy and objectives; Staff orientation; A plan of evaluation; Administrative responsibility. In order to evaluate provisions for the gifted 393 teachers were randomly selected from the various buildings housing the SAP to complete the guide. All of the forty-two administrators assigned to the sixteen schools were also requested to complete the instrument. The obtained data were analyzed under the headings of administration and instructional staff ratings, using descriptive statistics such as sums, percents, and means to report the results...



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