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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

First Advisor

Robert B. Nordberg


This study is concerned with the characteristics and traits of disciplined women residents at Marquette University, 1967-68, Criteria of comparison were selected to determine if student offenders either differ from or are similar to non-offenders.

Academic achievement, academic ability, personality and self-concept, university and demographic traits were the areas of comparison of the resident student offenders and non-offenders. The non-offenders were randomly selected from the women residence hall population.

The data was both descriptively and statistically analyzed for results. All statistical computations were done through the Computing Center. Data were collected from the records of the Office of the Dean of Women, the Registrar, and the Counseling Center.

The writer is sincerely appreciative of the advice and assistance of Dr. Robert B. Nordberg, director of the doctoral program in Counseling, and chairman of this dissertation.

The advice and assistance of the writer's committee members, Dr. John M. Ivanoff and Dr. Mary Alice Cannon, are also appreciated specifically in the planning and structuring of the study.

The staffs of the Computing Center and Counseling Center are thanked for their respective areas of statistical computation and test scores results. In addition, Miss M. Constance Keough, Mr. Leonard D. Fromm, and Mr. Donald D. Gruber of the Dean of Students staff are thanked for their constance counsel and assistance.

The staff and residents of Heraty Hall are sincerely thanked for their cooperation and encouragement.

The Counseling Center staff and the Dean of Students staff of the College of Santa Fe are thanked for their assistance in the final stages of writing and assembling of this dissertation. In particular, Miss Mary Alice Baca is thanked for her clerical work and assistance with these final stages. Sister Ellen Cain, Sister Madeline Donahue and Brother Abel deValcourt are thanked for grammatical and statistical assistance in the final copy.



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